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This is a famous American TV show based in a world which suffers a horrific zombie apocalypse. It is the story of Rick Grimes, the sheriff, becomes the leader and savior of the people in Atlanta who were rescued from the apocalypse. It is concerned with the zombies who are monsters and can convert any human into monsters by scratching or biting them.

Season I

In this season, Rick struggles to find his family with his partner Shane Walsh while unknowingly getting a group of survivors ensnared by the walking dead. He goes to Atlanta to find his weapons and takes the survivors to the Centers for Control Disease (CDC).

Season II

In this season, a rift is created between Rick and Shane due to Lori’s (Rick’s ex-wife) affair and pregnancy with Shane. This causes Shane to open a group of walkers to kill Rick and gets himself killed. Rick’s leadership is questioned but reiterated.

Season III

In this season, the troubles are created between survivors and the walkers in the town of Woodbury due to the Governor. Rick gathers her weapons and his supporters try to deceive the Governor until he ultimately launches a walkers’ attack on all. He’s defeated by Rick’s army.

Season IV

In this season, a plague kills many of the survivors who are living in a jail. The Governor creates another fighting force and attacks Rick but fails and is killed. All of the survivors turn to the Terminus in Washington DC with Eugene Porter who knows the way to kill the walkers.

Season V

In this season, Rick’s company finds out that people at the Terminus are cannibals and that Eugene does not know the solution. They save themselves from the Terminus residents and are offered protection in a safe zone in Alexandria. A lot of confrontations happen and Rick’s team members start presuming leadership. This makes things messy.

Season VI

In this season, Rick along with the Alexandrians gets food services in exchange for mercenary help. They capture a nearby community ruled by Negan but suffer many hardships due to this. Their team suffers from mental torture and physical torment, ultimately bending on knees to Negan.

Season VII

In this season, the Alexandrians are tortured by Negan and especially Rick. Many of the members of Rick’s team are killed by Negan’s men and much of their belongings are stolen. Ultimately, Rick motivates his army to put up a war against Negan.

The Walking Dead, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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Ziví mrtví | Elavad Surnud | Živi mrtvaci | Vaikstantys numireliai | The Walking Dead | The Walking Dead | The Walking Dead: Invazia zombi | Okružen mrtvima | Ходячие мертвецы | Zivi mrtveci | Ходячi мерцi | Xac Song
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