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The Office is a long-running American television comedy series which focuses on the lives of the employees of a fictional paper company called Dunder Mifflin. The story describes the life around the office and the relationships that the characters develop. The Office has finished airing on commercial TV with 9 seasons consisting of 201 episodes.

Season 1

The early story includes the introduction of all the office workers. Jim and Katy go on a date. Jim is also seen developing a crush on Pam. Manager Michael strikes off the rumors that spread around.

Season 2

It is focusing on secondary character development and romantic relationships between various characters. Relationships blossom between Michael-Jan and Ryan-Kelly. Rumors of companies downfall still spread around.

Season 3

Jim is shifted to Stamford branch after Pam and Roy get committed. The relationships of the main characters are explored further. Many characters start leaving the office. Rejecting an offer, Jim comes back to Scranton for Pam.

Season 4

It revolves around the changing nature of relations and breakups. Michael-Jan and Dwight-Angela’s relationships fall into trouble due to several incidents. However, love strengthens between Jim and Pam.

Season 5

Jim and Pam are now engaged. A new boss is introduced in the company. Due to his policies Michael, Pam and Ryan resign their jobs to explore their own venture which finally gets purchased by Dunder-Mifflin themselves.

Season 6

Jim and Pam get married. Also, Pam is pregnant and has a baby. Other characters remain unsatisfied with their personal lives. Meanwhile, David is fired from his job.

Season 7

This season mainly focuses on Michael and his troubles with the office. His higher ups ask him to go for counseling. Andy starts an office band and also Michael finally reveals his movie to others.

Season 8

Andy tries rejuvenation of his new reports. Pam is now expecting her second child. She is replaced by a temporary employee Cathy. Also later Andy is on a pursuit to get one of the employees back to his branch.

Season 9

The final season revolves around settling all the characters successfully around. Andy starts a new career in acting. Also, Dwight is given the responsibility of the new manager.

The Office, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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