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Supernatural is a horror drama thriller and comedy show which revolves around the bond between two brothers Dean the older one and Sam the younger one. Their father is a hunter and hunts various supernatural beings which roam the earth and are not known to the common people. These two brothers are also raised to be hunters and have lost their childhood on the run. The main thing which keeps the viewers glued to the show is the inseparable bond between the two brothers where both the brothers are willing to do anything for each other.

Season 1

Season 1 begins with the mysterious death of Mary Winchester in a house fire and hence begins the journey of two brothers Dean and Sam Winchester who are raised by John Winchester in a world full of supernatural beings. Season one begins with Dean coming to visit Sam at Stanford University where he is studying law informing him that their dad hadn’t come home for a while from a hunting trip. Dean and Sam decide to go on a road trip to find their dad and on their way they come across many adventures and hunt down supernatural creatures helping people on the way. The find their father in the end who explains that he was a yellow-eyed demon which killed their mom. Season one ends with Sam, Dean, and their father John lying injured in a car crash which is done by a demon.

Season 2

Season 2 starts with the death of John Winchester who trades his life for Dean and hence sells his soul to the Yellow-eyed demon. Sam also loses his girlfriend Jessica in the same way he lost his mother. Both of them are devastated due to these losses and decide to hunt down the yellow-eyed as revenge. The Yellow-eyed demon created armies by bleeding into mouths of babies and later killing their mothers. Sam is one such child who possesses psychic qualities. Sam and Dean meet some allies on the way. Bobby is like a father figure to them. Ellen, Jo, and Ash are also hunters who knew John Winchester. Sam is captured along with special kids like him and they are supposed to fight with each other so that the strongest person would serve as a chosen child for Azazel. Sam is killed in a fight and Dean cannot see his brother dead and he also sells his soul to Azazel and brings Sam back to life. At the end of Season 2 Sam and Dean manage to kill Azazel the yellow eyed demon but end up opening the gates of hell and now all the demons from hell are freely roaming on earth.

Season 3

Dean has cut a deal with Azazel which gives him only one year to live in exchange for his soul. Thus the entire season is dedicated to saving Dean from dying. On the way, the Winchesters meet Bella Talbot who is a con girl and gathers occult objects to sell them at a high price. Sam and Dean also come across a demon named Ruby who claims to be a good demon and offers Sam to help him. Dean is reluctant as he does not believe Ruby but Sam somehow trusts her. Dean’s contract is a very dangerous demon named Lillith whom Sam and Dean want to hunt and Ruby assures to help. They fail to find and kill Lillith and Dean dies and goes to hell at the end of this season.

Season 4

Season 4 starts with Dean crawling up from his grave. He is rescued by Castiel who claims to be an angel of the Lord. They have a new quest now which is to kill Lillith who is after freeing Lucifer who is the major demon or the Satan as we know. To free Lucifer, there are 66 seals in total which need to be broken. Ruby tricks them into killing Lillith which is the last and final seal to free Lucifer. Sam and Dean kill Lillith but Lucifer has already risen from the hell.

Season 5

The apocalypse is here and finally, Lucifer and his demon army have taken over the world. Sam and Dean along with the angels are fighting the demons and with the help of Bobby finding ways to kill Lucifer. Zachariah the angel comes with a solution that Dean should allow Michael to possess him and kill Lucifer but the problem is that Lucifer’s chosen vessel is Sam. Dean refuses to do so but Sam agrees to be possessed by Lucifer and trap him into the Cage. Sam becomes successful in doing that and a devastated Dean decides to give up hunting and goes to Lisa who was his old girlfriend and knows all about what he does. At the end of the season, Sam is out of the cage and he watches Dean start a new life with Lisa.

Season 6

Season 6 begins in the time frame after a year when Sam jumps into the cage. The season begins with Sam saving Dean from a gang of Djinns. Dean is living a happy family life with Lisa and is shocked to see Sam. Sam meanwhile is behaving odd and is very cold and emotionless. Dean finds out later that Sam is soulless and Castiel managed to pull out only his body while his soul still lies within the Cage with Lucifer. Dean decided to get back Sam’s souls by procuring the rings from the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Dean is successful in getting Sam’s soul back and also puts a mental block so Sam cannot remember his tortured soul in the cage with Lucifer. After this problem, there is a new problem on the rise which is the Mother of all who is a mysterious power.

Season 7

Season 7 is all about the rise of leviathans and the fight of Dean and Sam against the main monster behind them which is Dick Roman. Dick Roman kills Bobby and Dean becomes obsessed with killing all the leviathans. Dean finds a way to kill the leviathans but he ends up in the purgatory at the end of season 7 along with Castiel. Crowley the king of hell is a new and important character which is introduced in this season who is pure evil.

Season 8

The season 8 begins with Dean coming out of the purgatory carrying with him a vampire soul called Benny who befriends Dean in the purgatory. Castiel does not make it out. After Dean comes out he finds that Sam is living a normal life and did not even try to get Dean out after he was trapped in the purgatory. Dean is really hurt due to this but they have a new quest to get the Demon Tablet and find Metatron the scribe of God to close the gates of hell. When Dean realizes that Sam’s life is at threat he puts an end to the trials but in the end, Metatron releases all the angels from the heaven and now they are on the earth.

Season 9

Season 9 revolves around finding Metatron who has taken Castiel’s grace and to put the heaven in order to bring peace on earth. Sam almost dies while performing the trials in order to close the gates of hell so Dean asks an angel Ezekiel to rescue Sam by possessing him. Ezekiel is not at all a good angel and kills Kevin who is the prophet of God and also the friend of the brothers and also betrays Sam and Dean. Sam is furious with Dean due to this and the brothers have a fight. At the end of the season Metatron kills dean but as Dean has the mark of Cain which he acquired from Cain himself in order to kill Abaddon who is the knight of Hell, Dean becomes a Demon.

Season 10

Dean is a demon and sides with Crowley, he does terrible things with Crowley. Sam is after Dean and wants him to be cured. He, along with Castiel manages to do that but the mark of Cain is affecting Dean badly and he is often tempted to do evil and violent things. They want to get rid of the mark and hence they decide to take the help of Rowena who is Crowley’s mother. Dean and Sam become successful in doing that by killing Death but after that, an evil power is released on the earth which is the darkness herself.

Season 11

With the release of the darkness, there is terror everywhere as she eats human souls as food. Crowley finds her and decides to befriend her as she is the most powerful supernatural creature ever. Dean and the Darkness Amara have a weird connection between them as the mark of Cain is transferred to the Darkness. God is also introduced in this season and the darkness is the sister of God whom he had banished and he wants revenge. At the end, Dean and Sam manage to kill the darkness but they bring about peace in both of them and thus the Darkness gives a gift to Dean and he finds his mother in the woods.

Season 12

Supernatural Season 12 is still not aired completely and we need to wait to find out what is in store for the boys next!

Supernatural, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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