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Supergirl an American superhero action TV series which was initially aired on CBS on 26 October 2015. Supergirl is DC Comics costumed superheroine character. Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) was sent to Earth by her parents and was told to protect her cousin Kal-El (Superman) when their planet Krypton was about to be doomed. Kara was 13 at that time. Due to a shock wave, her spaceship got knocked off and trapped in Phantom Zone for 24 years. However when her ship crashed on Earth Kal-El had grown up and become Superman, and she was still 13. The Danvers adopted Kara.

Season 1

After hiding her power since the last decade since she thought that another hero is not required, Kara was forced to use it during a disaster which started her journey as a heroine. She comes across many criminals whom her mother had persecuted as a judge in Krypton, and one of them was her mother’s twin sister Astra and her husband Non who plan to rule the world. Kara and Alex Danvers, her adoptive sister, secretly found that her boss, Hank Henshaw was a munificent alien refugee J’onn who had escaped from the Holocaust at his planet Mars 50 years ago. J’onn guided Kara to use her power. She is targeted by individuals from parallel universe and metahumans due to her being related to Superman. She gets help from her family and friends who protect her secret.

Season 2

Kara and Superman along with her allies handle the feuds taking place between space community and the native public of Earth by investigating plots against both the groups from the evil organizations such as “Project Cadmus” planned by Lex’s (Superman’s archenemy) mother, Lillian Luthor. Reborn as “Cyborg Superman,” the real Hank Henshaw joins with Cadmus for revenge from J’onn and DEO. Kara wants to become a journalist at CatCo like her cousin and has feelings for Mon-El who is a survivor from planet Daxam.

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