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Suits is an American Television series focusing on the legal drama. The plot centers around Mike Ross, who is a college dropout. Initially, he works for Harvey Specter. Both Harvey and Mike works on closing the cases while the identity of Mike remains concealed.

Season One

The seasons starts with Mike Ross, who is a college dropout and takes care of his grandmother. He derives his living by writing LSAT papers for others due to his intelligence and sharp memory. To pay money for the treatments, he gets involved in delivering Marijuana. It turns out to be a sting operation, which he avoids and lands up in a job interview with Harvey. Despite no college education, he gets hired due to his street-smart nature.

Season Two

Mike’s grandmother dies, he finds his love, Tess. Rachel doesn’t like this until Mike reveals a secret to her. On the other hand, Harvey is accused of burying evidence while Donna destroys them. Consequently, Jessica fires Donna.

Season Three

Harvey plots against Jessica as she refused to make him the partner. While working on a case with Huntley, Harvey realizes Darby’s intention to take over the firm from Jessica. Eventually, Mikes find out that Huntley is the real murderer and not Ava (Harvey’s client). Mike takes a job at Sidwell as he believes to be trouble for the firm.

Season Four

Mike works as an Investment Banker for Jonathan Sidwell; he gets into a takeover battle with Logan Sanders (Rachel’s previous boyfriend.) Due to certain circumstances, Mike is fired. In the later episodes, Mike proposes to Rachel while Harvey expresses his love for Donna without any commitment.

Season Five

Harvey experiences panic attacks and consults a therapist. Mike and Rachel try to help Harvey regarding the departure of Donny.  Harvey and Mike resign. Mike is accused of doing fraud. Hence, he gets arrested. He lands up in a two-year prison sentence to save Harvey and Jessica.

Season Six

Mike struggles in prison. He receives threats from another inmate, Frank Gallo, who was convicted by Harvey. Rachel involves in an Innocence Project case. Later, Jessica leaves the law firm as she wants to ponder over her priorities. Louis finds a new love interest, Tara.

Suits, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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