Sense8 (2015)

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  Release Date: Jun 05, 2015

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This is an innovative science fiction story describing the lives of 8 unrelated people across the globe who are mysteriously connected in their thoughts through physic links. Each of the eight strangers has his/her own distinct life and profession. Called as ‘Sensates’, they are special people who can share their abilities and information through their brains. However, they are not alone. An evil organization is on a hunt for the sensates. The story describes how the sensates assist each other in their lives with their newly found powers and the consequences these powers could have. They must work together to escape from the clutches of the ‘Whisperer’ who uses similar power to trace and eliminate them. Further, it also explores the reason of the existences of such a link between them and ultimate meaning behind this strange occurrence. Season 1 has finished airing and season 2 is due to be aired in May 2017.

Sense8, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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Восьмое чувство
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