Parks and Recreation (2009)

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  Release Date: Apr 09, 2009

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The story deals with the life of Leslie who is a mid-level bureaucrat in the parks department. The story is a political drama.

Season 1

The story deals with Leslie promising a nurse to fill the pit into which the nurse’s boyfriend fell and broke his leg. But the story takes an unexpected twist when there are many forces working against the plan.

Season 2

The second season deals with the romantic life of the lead character Leslie and the other characters. The pit is shown to be filled in this season.

Season 3

In this season Leslie tries to bring the harvest festival of the town. During this, she develops feeling with her teammate Ben. The story deals with the romance between the two and the revival of the festival.

Season 4

Leslie runs for the city council after the encouragement from her boyfriend, Ben but they break up. After the breakup Leslie’s ex-boyfriend tries to get back together but they don’t. Ben and Leslie get back together. At the season finale, Leslie wins the position in the city councilor.

Season 5

Ben finds success in a new big job with his intern April. Leslie is insecure about her job and faces trouble from her fellow rivals. The story deals with Leslie overcoming her difficulties.

Season 6

The love and married life of all the characters are the main of this season. Leslie is revealed to be pregnant. The season finale deals with Leslie taking the job of regional director.

Season 7

The season takes place in the future with flashbacks. Ben starts a construction company and Leslie works for the government and the life of their friends are also explored in this season.

Parks and Recreation, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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Városfejlesztési osztály | Parkovi i rekreacija | Парки и зоны отдыха | Parki in rekreacija
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