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Outlander is a British-American time travel based Television series. Its plot revolves around the central character, Claire Randall who is a nurse.

Season 1

On being transported back to the 18th century by standing beside the standing stone at Craig na Dun, Claire finds herself among the Redcoats and the Scottish rebellions. She wants to return back to the 20th century from she has come from but she is restrained in doing so as she is kept as a nurse in the clan. Jamie, a man from 18th century marries Clarie so as to protect her from sadistic Randell. As she faces various calamities on coming to the 18th century, she also feels guilty for Frank, who is her husband in the 20th century. This season ends with Clarie telling Jamie about her pregnancy, with both of them sailing off to France with the hope of avoiding the catastrophic Battle of Culloden.

Season 2

In Paris, both Jamie and Clarie try hard to avoid the Jacobite risings. But eventually they fail to do so and the war becomes inevitable. Clarie returns to the 20th century where she gives birth to her child. After she returns to the 20th century after 20 years, she sees that her husband Frank has died and at last she vows to return back to Jamie who is alive after the catastrophic battle.

Outlander, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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