Orange Is the New Black (2013)

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  Release Date: Jul 11, 2013

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It is the story of the women prison and the relationship among the prisoners.

Season 1

Piper Chapman is imprisoned for drug trafficking in a prison for 15 months. Her counselor empathizes with her and advises her to remain calm in the prison. Piper makes some enemies in the prison who tortures her by making her starve. She eventually realizes that her ex-girlfriend is also in the same prison. It also deals with the relationships of the prisoners.

Season 2

Piper faces a lot of consequences for her action in this season. Red and the other prisoners are isolated. Some of the prisoners show their business skills. Piper starts newsletters along with her fellow prisoners.

Season 3

Caputo starts a new group in the prison and all get used to the new gang who are kinder and gentle. After a bed bug infestation causes panic, the prisoner Norma to gain new followers. The inmates escape.

Season 4

The prisoner’s escape and some of them are captured by the guards. Piper faces difficulty with some of the inmates and starts a new business.

Orange Is the New Black, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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Оранжевото е новото черно
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