Once Upon a Time (2011)

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This is the series which revolves around the lives of Emma Swan and Henry who struggle between the real world and fairy tale world. They both struggle to defeat the Evil Queen who has plans to destroy the happiness all over.

Season I

The story is of Emma Swan, a 28 – years old lady. She meets a 10 – years old boy named Henry who claims that she is his mother. She realizes that he is indeed her son whom she had given up for adoption 10 years ago. Henry reveals to her the story of Storybrooke, a real world town where all the fairy tale characters have been frozen in time by the Evil Queen Regina Mills, who is Henry’s adoptive mother. He has a huge collection of fairy tale books and tells Emma that she is the daughter of Snow White and her father is the Prince Charming. They sent her away from the Enchanted Forest because of the curse bestowed on her by the Evil Queen. The further narrative is about the two of them going to the town Storybrooke and Emma realizes that the Evil Queen has trapped all the fairy world characters without any memories of their own. In the final battle, Emma wins in her motive to free them all by breaking the curse.

Season II

In this season, the characters continue to struggle to return to their fairy tale world. New characters of Captain Hook and Cora, Regina’s mother, introduce new evil magic. Mr. Gold introduces magic in Storybrooke and the story revolves as a mix between the two worlds.

Season III

In this season, first, the characters venture to free Henry from the clutches of Peter Pan in Neverland. Second, the characters face the evilness of the Wicked Witch of the West with their memories of the previous year erased.

Season IV

This season introduces characters from Frozen and Regina’s attempts to go to her happy reality. Mr. Gold writes his rules for everyone’s fates and Emma and Henry make efforts to restore reality and truth.

Season V

This season introduces King Arthur, the Underworld, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The story is the struggle to find equilibrium between darkness and light. The characters face serious consequences from their magic.

Season VI

Emma learns about Aladin. The characters fight against the combined evil forces of Dr. Jekyll and Regina Mills with their unknown fates.

Once Upon a Time, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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Era Uma Vez | Once Upon a Time - Es war einmal ... | Elas kord... | Érase una vez | Olipa kerran | Once Upon a Time | Jednom davno | Egyszer volt| hol nem volt | C'era una volta | Reiz Sensenos Laikos | Dawno| dawno temu | Era Uma Vez | Jednom davno | Однажды в сказке | Ngay Xua Ngay Xua
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