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  Release Date: Sep 20, 2011

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A popular American Sitcom television comic series. The plot is centered around Jess, who is a bubbly offbeat teacher who is quite popular for her talent of bursting into spontaneous songs

Season 1

The plot is all about Jess, a person well-known for her talent of bursting into spontaneous songs. The thread develops with her break-up with her boyfriend whom she finds to be in a relation with another woman and eventually sets off from his apartment and attempts and succeeds to find another place to live. She gets to share her new apartment with 3 other guys whom she had never known till then. Interestingly, all her roommates are of different characteristics; one of them is Nick who is a Jaded law-school dropout living in a kind of depression and hence probably wants to be left alone most of the time; another of her roomie is Schmidt, a businessman who is self -proud and believes himself to be kind of a blessing or gift for women; and her third room-mate is a competitive and upcoming sportsperson, Winston who seems to be quite unaware of what he should actually do in his life. Eventually, Jess invites Paul on whom she had a crush earlier for a thanksgiving dinner meanwhile Nick starts to develop feelings for Jess and Cece starts to like Schmitt which later leads to a fight between them.

Season 2

Jess starts to develop feelings for Sam, a Paediatrician and Nick patches up with his ex-girlfriend from college; meanwhile, Jess quits from her teaching career and is finding difficulty in finding a new one.

Eventually Winston replaces his coach; and from jess’s childhood friend, Cece from whom Jess finds a few key points about his ex- relationship and all and the story develops with so many patches up and break up stories and the season comes to an end with Cece’s wedding day which turns out to be a total mess and also she backs out from the wedding as she reveals her true feelings for Schmitt and also Nick and Jess realizes the bond between them and kisses.

Season 3

The season starts off with the difficulties face by Schmitt on taking an apt. the decision between Elizabeth and Cece both of whom he is presently dating. Finally,  Cece ends up with Schmitt and tries to get over him; meanwhile, Nick and Jess breaks up although Jess still having feelings for him. Again after a series of breaking ups patch ups finally Scmitt gets back with Cece and Nick and Jess reconciles to become friends.

Season 4

Jess, in this season, is now up with a new dating app called the ‘Dice’ and tries to find the best guy for herself and eventually finds and dates a handsome guy called Matt. Meanwhile, Nick pretends to be a gay so as to avoid any conflicts with Jess’ new boyfriend Ian. Another series of many dramatic events take place and all finally leading to Jess and Nick about re-evaluating their friendship meanwhile Schmitt proposes Cece.

Season 5

The season begins with the engagement scene of Schmitt and Cece; meanwhile, Jess and Nick still having problems of finding a proper relationship for them. The city is shown to hit with a heat wave. The thread turns to get Sam and Jess back together eventually leading to breakup probably because of her feelings toward Nick and finally on the wedding day of Schmitt and Cece, unfortunately then groom gets stuck up in the flight on his journey to bring Cece’s mum for the wedding.

Season 6

Schmitt and Cece end up getting married while Jess trying hard to suppress her feelings for Nick. And the season continues with her difficulties and hardships to keep away from Nick and after many dramatic events Jess gets to become Nick’s secret Santa and the plot is expected to develop in its upcoming episodes/ seasons.

New Girl, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Also Known As:

Uus tüdruk | Kolme miestä ja tyttö | Nova cura | Új csaj | Jess i chlopaki | Jess e os Rapazes | Nova devojka | Новенькая
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