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NCIS or Naval Criminal Investigative Service is a police procedural show. It involves a team of agents which scrutinize crimes related to the US navy and the Maine Corps. The team comprises of Jethro Gibbs, the leader, and Caitlin Todd, Anthony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee, Nicholas Torres, Eleanor Bishop, and Alexandra Quinn as the members.

Season I

In this season, it is revealed that Gibbs was married 3 times and all of them ended in divorces. Gibbs’ rules are also unveiled through the course of action. The main villain of this season is Ari Haswari.

Season II

In this season, the villainous terrorist Ari Hawari officially returns. McGee becomes an official member whereas Kate is killed by Ari.

Season III

In this season, Ziva David, Kate’s half-sister, kills Ari. Gibbs gets frustrated from his job and retires. Jenny Shepard joins the team as the Director and her history with Gibbs is revealed. He gets injured and suffers a memory loss in the end.

Season IV

In this season, Gibbs returns from his retirement and deals with several secrets such as he was put on a leave without pay by Jenny and that Tony took over after he left. La Grenouille is this season’s villain.

Season V

In this season, Lt. Colonel Hollis Mann departs and so does Jeanne Benoit, Tony’s girlfriend, and La Grenouille’s daughter. Director Jenny Shepard dies in the action.

Season VI

In this season, the team is led by Gibbs into missions outside the Naval forces and Maine Corps. He introduces some new members to the team as well.

Season VII

In this season, the team finds Ziva in a beaten condition and Gibbs trusts her into the team. McGee starts standing up to Tony and the team spends Thanksgiving together. The past comes back to attack Gibbs’ mental state.

Season VIII

In this season, the Gibbs and company are tested harshly. They deal with international intelligence, al Qaeda cases, serial killings, and betraying agents. The team finds it difficult to trust their own people and therefore, face hardships in solving cases.

Season IX

In this season, the team faces cases related to deep military importance, involving national security infringements. They deal with a secret community of superheroes and some brutal murder cases which take them to Afghanistan causing an agent’s death.

Season X

In this season, Gibbs’ army struggles with several serial killers and terrorists, a case of a downed helicopter, and a murder case which is too close to their location.

Season XI

In this season, the elite team of NCIS fights against a capricious group of terrorists known as “the Brotherhood of Doubt”. They protect the people against biological attacks and hospital bomb blasts. The notorious Privileged Killer returns as the villain.

Season XII

In this season, Sergei Mishnev features as the villain. He attacks Gibbs personally by killing 2 of his ex-wives and his team members Caitlin Todd and Mike Franks. The action reveals that Sergei and Ari were half-brothers and Ari and Ziva were half brother and sister.

Season XIII

In this season, there is a mystery created over Ziva’s life whether she is still alive. The father-son bond between Gibbs and Tony comes to an end. Many faces return including DiNozzo’s dad.

Season XIV

In this season, Torres and Quinn join Gibbs’ team and make adjustments accordingly. McGee thinks of proposing Delilah. The team deals with cases of the kidnapping of an MI6 officer, threats to a Congresswoman, and the deaths of a Navy Lieutenant and Marine Sergeant.

NCIS, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

Also Known As:

NCIS: Investigações Criminais | Navy CIS | NCIS: Kriminalistid | Navy: investigación criminal | NCIS rikostutkijat | NCIS: Enquêtes spéciales | NCIS | Ν.Π.Δ.Υ | Ν.Π.Δ.Υ: Ναυτικές ποινικές διερευνητικές υπηρεσίες | Navy CIS | N.C.I.S. | NCIS - Unità anticrimine | Specialioji juru policijos tarnyba | Agenci NCIS | NCIS: Investigação Criminal | Mornarički istražitelji | Морская полиция: Спецотдел | Preiskovalci na delu: NCIS | NCIS - Námorný vysetrovací úrad | Морська полiцiя | NCIS
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