Medici: Masters of Florence (2016)

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  Release Date: Dec 09, 2016

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The series is set in a quite dramatic set -up of early 16th century and the plot is centered on a mysterious plot of enmity, victory, and revenge related to Medici, an early merchant family who eventually turns to become a big economic force with all the fortune. The story thread starts off by leaving a mysterious and unexpected question mark towards the death of Giovanni de Medici, the family head and eventually leads to a flashback story 20 years ago when he makes a contract with the Papacy which will help in the transformation of their Medici family from initial bankers to an economically influential force. The story develops with the mysterious murder of Giovanni and his sons Cosimo and Lorenz sets to face many enemies and fights. Cosimo, who is elected the Republican head is opposed from the revenge takers against his new perspectives to bring up the middle class also he faces difficulty in keeping peace with his family members especially with his brother who is exactly opposite in nature compared to his. Cosimo gets married to Contessina with a half mind and eventually leads to him taking up Maddelina, as his new mistress who gives birth to his son. Meanwhile, the mystery of their father’s death still resumes.

Medici: Masters of Florence, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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Медичи: Повелители Флоренции
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