Mars (2016)

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  Release Date: Nov 14, 2016

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Mars is a mini TV series cum documentary film that follows future expeditions on the Red Planet. The story is part science part fiction. It comprises of six episodes that are showcased in a recorded segments kind of screenplay which gives the viewer an event to event occurrence story with suitable time frames. The show is set in the 2030s and follows the lives of the crew on Daedalus, a space mission to research viability of life on Mars. It follows how the crew struggles with making it to the base camp on Mars, how they cannot find a permanent shelter, how a new set of crew members arrive later to help with the mission and the various physical and mental problems that they go through. Mars is a unique show that gives deep insight into the lives of astronauts and the science and logic that govern it, when in space.

Mars, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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Red Planet
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