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MacGyver is an American action-adventure television series. The plot is centered around the story of a very talented person named Angus “Mac” Macgyver who uses his scientific knowledge to save lives. MacGyver is an unusually talented secret agent having well -established knowledge on scientific facts who is a silent but deeply principled and never carries a gun for his personal safety. The man is so talented and well- versed in Science the fact that he does not carry a pistol for self- defense stands dismissed as he has got ideas and talents to make scientific products so as to face any difficulties that would come upon his path. This extreme talent of his is known to everybody even his opponents does not seem to underestimate his talent.

Macgyver with the help of Jack Dalton and Nikki Carpenter manages to steel a bio weapon which he summons on finding Nikki held hostage. Eventually, he finds a secret compartment at Nikki’s apartment containing her alias’ passport; meanwhile, the terrorist group D-77 plans an attack somewhere while Nikki is still hidden by the group. Mac and Jack discuss about them getting Nikki back; meanwhile many findings related to an Old Soviet tomb of a Russian Extremist is made by a Phoenix Foundation agent. Mac and his team finally heads to Latvia as an attempt to catch a member of a terrorist organisation and everything eventually lead to Bozer getting a job at the Foundation and ends up meeting a young prodigy named Lawson who has many similarities with MacGyver and the team finally ends up rescuing her from her kidnap.

MacGyver, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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