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Lost is a popular American TV series which is about a set of passengers of a flight that crashes on a tropical island which is very mysterious unnatural. The plane crash of the flight between Sydney and Los Angeles leads to the unexpected coming together of the passengers as they struggle to survive on the island. Sometimes, the screenplay takes you back into the flashbacks of the survivors. The storyline is partly science fiction but mostly supernatural. It has 6 seasons that were telecasted between 2004 and 2010.

Season 1

The first season begins with the plane crash of Oceanic Airlines flight no 815 and how its passengers suddenly find themselves on a mysterious island. Their survival here is dangerous with many unexpected and unseen dangers like the Smoke monster, the polar bear, the “Others” (the anti-social inhabitants of the island)among other issues. They find a leader in Jack Shepherd, who is a doctor. They encounter a woman who’s been shipwrecked in this place for 16 years. There is a sudden discovery of a metal hatch that nobody has any clue about. The season also occasionally follows the flashbacks of individual people.

Season 2

The second season involves greater conflict between the passengers and the “Others”. In the previous season, 4 survivors had tried to escape but are captured in this season by the “Others”. There is also conflict between the leader Jack and John over some ammunition that they obtain. The metal hatch revealed in last season turns out to be a research center that was established many years ago as a Dharma initiative. They find a man, Desmond, who has been living it for 3 years and avoiding catastrophe by pressing a switch every 108 minutes.

Season 3

The survivors get to know more about the “Others” and their leader, Benjamin, is introduced. Benjamin offers to help Jack, who has captured, in return of a favor- that Jack would operate on him as he has cancer. But the submarine given by Ben was destroyed by John. Meanwhile, Desmond tries his best to avoid an electromagnetic catastrophe and in turn his mind is thrown eight years back in the past. When he returns to the current timeline, he can look into the future. There is also conflict between the rescue team and the survivors.

Season 4

In this season, some people arrive on a freighter in order to take back the island from the leader, Ben. The season deals with the equations between these three sets of people who are no longer so starkly differentiated. There are flash-forward scenes that show the escape of six of the survivors from the island and how life continued for them.

Season 5

There is a play of timelines in this season as the survivors travel back and forth between different time zones, except for the Oceanic six who were saved in the last season. Circumstances lead John to travel through time and he needs everyone to be together to save them. Instead, he finds himself in the Sahara in 2007 while the other survivors are left behind in 1974 during the Dharma project. Running back and forth in time, one version of john dies and another version tries to save himself. At the end, though, the viewer comes to the revelation that John is, in fact, dead and his body has been taken over.

Season 6

This season again follows two different time zones. The first one shows that the survivors are sent back to the present time and the island now has a new leader. John’s form was taken by the Smoke Monster and he tries to rescue himself from the island. The second time zone shows an alternate future where flight no, 815 never crashed and all characters lead alternate lives.

Lost, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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