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This science fiction television series came up from inspirations drawn from a Swedish science fiction drama. It has an interesting plot related to artificial intelligence, robotics etc., that attempts to make a socio-cultural intervention on the invention on special robots called ”synths”.

Season 1

The seasons starts off interestingly with a quite unbelievable plot for the present-day world’s perspectives. The plot is centered around the family life of a busy dad Joe Hawkins whose wife when goes on a work tour and he finds it difficult to manage the house and the kids all by himself and eventually buys an expensive and efficient synth, a robotic assistance for himself. But his wife when return backs after her tour does not find so pleased with the new ‘home-maker’, the so-called Anita, they have found in her absence. Eventually, Laura (his wife) who develops complex against Anita and Joe assures her that Anita is not a replacement. Their daughter Mattie, a software geek tries to download the data sheets and other software details about Anita out of curiosity but Anita abruptly tries to stop her from doing so displaying her fear over the same; meanwhile in parallel with Joe’s family story is shown other people owning similar dominating synths, facing various difficulties in their families as well.

The family finds out that Anita is at least 14- years old and her synth name is Mia. The plot takes twists with the findings on other synths like Niska, Leo, Max etc., also about Joe having had sex with Anita and eventually about the actual past about the creation of Mia by David. Later these synths are brought by Hobb to his lab to disassemble all the synths except Fred; but the Hawkins tries to save them by recombining the software from Mattie’s laptop and David’s programs and eventually succeeds in their attempt and finally these synths are set free especially Niska who saves a copy of consciousness program of herself and demands to live on her own.

Season 2

The new season is all about the new life of all the synths. Niska is shown to have a romantic relationship with a human and she along with Leo and other co-synths tries to make the consciousness program public so as to help out other synths in the captivity of humans to regain consciousness and to start making lives of their own. In their attempt in doing this, many things happen dramatically and even leads to the killing, destruction etc., of many of the synths which Leo’s team had chosen to save. Eventually, Niska approaches Laura asking her to be her defense attorney as she explains she is planning to take trial against the murder meanwhile many other synths manage to go into hiding for sometimes but later fails to so as their abilities seem to deteriorate.

Eventually, Pete is killed and the dramatic events that follow finally leads to Mia, Hester and Leo almost killed or shutting down but positively savaged by Niska and also ends up with many Synths gains self- consciousness.

Humans, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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