How I Met Your Mother (2005)

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Ted tells is children about the story of how he met his wife and his life as an adult in New York City along with is four friends.

Season 1

The season deals with the old Ted telling his children how he met his wife and the season shows the life of Ted as a 27-year-old architect living in New York City along with his friend Marshall and his girlfriend Lily, whom he proposes. He meets Robin who he likes but they end up being friends. Barney is also Ted’s friend who is a womanizer. The season tells his heartbreak with Victoria and making Robin his girlfriend. The season ends with Lily leaving Marshall breaking their engagement.

Season 2

This season shows the reuniting of Marshall and Lily and reveals that Barney has an African gay brother. Robin is revealed to be an ex-pop star in Canada and Barney loses a slap bet to Marshall regarding the revelation. Robin and Ted break up at the end of the season due to different opinions. Lily and Marshal get married.

Season 3

After the breakup, Robin goes to Argentina and returns with a boyfriend. Barney tells Ted to get back into the dating world. Lily and Marshall Host the Thanksgiving organized by them and Barney get slapped as a part of the slap bet. Ted meets a dermatologist named Stella and they begin dating. At the end of season 3, Ted proposes to Stella.

Season 4

Stella says yes to Ted’s proposal. Ted gets left at the altar by Stella for her ex-husband. Marshall and Lily get a new apartment and Marshall gets a new job in a bank. Barney develops feelings for Robin. Ted finds out that Lily has sabotaged his previous relationships.

Season 5

Ted takes up the job of a professor. Robin and Barney hide their relationship from their friends. Eventually, their friends find out and ask them to name their relationship. Unable to do so, Robin and Barney break up. Marshall and Lily decide to have a child at the end of the season.

Season 6

Ted gets hired as an architect for a bank. He falls in love with Zoey who protests the building that Ted is assigned to build. They eventually start dating. Barney’s gay African brother meets his father and Barney finally gets the identity of his real father. Robin continues to work at the news channel. Lilly gets pregnant at the end of the season. The season fast forwards and shows Barney as the groom.

Season 7

This season deals with Robin dating her therapist Kevin and Barney meets a new girl called Quinn. Ted reveals that he still has feelings for Robin. Marshall asks Robin to move out to give Ted more space. At the end of the season, Barney is shown to be marrying Robin.

Season 8

Ted again starts a relationship with Victoria. Marshall and Lily become parents and work hard to be good parents. Barney and Robin are preparing for their wedding. Ted breaks up with Victoria due to Robin. Ted’s wife is revealed for the first time in the end of the season.

Season 9

The season shows the wedding of Robin and Barney. After a few years, Ted and his wife Tracy are shown as a married couple. Robin and Barney get divorced. Ted’s wife dies due to illness and Ted reunites with Robin.

How I Met Your Mother, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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Как се запознах с майка ви,Como Eu Conheci Sua Mãe,Jak jsem poznal vasi matku,Ensisilmäyksellä
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