Growing Pains (1985)

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  Release Date: Sep 24, 1985

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It is an American TV show which aired on the channel ABC in 1980’s. The story of the show revolves around the family in which husband works from home and take care of the kids and wife go out to the reporting work. Total seven seasons were released on this show along with the 166 episodes.

Season 1

Mike realizes that he is not the one who rules the world.

Season 2

While going through so many tough situations, Maggie gets a job offer from womanizer who wants to sleep with her.

Season 3

Mike completes his graduation which makes his parents emotional and recalls his childhood memories.

Season 4

Maggie gave birth to twins’ daughter and their life takes a new turn. Meanwhile, Jason’s plans for the wedding failed which made his mother panic.

Season 5

Like their uncle George, Jason and Mike will start their journey to inspect the mountain cabin.

Season 6

Ben will be suspended from the school and Maggie homeschools Ben

Season 7

In the finale episode, Mike proposed Kate and the family reunited once again.

Growing Pains, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Also Known As:

¡Ay! Como duele crecer | Tudo em Família | Unser lautes Heim | Los problemas crecen | Quoi de neuf| docteur? | Genitori in blue jeans | ¡Ay! cómo duele crecer | ¡Ay! Como duele crecer | Dzieciaki| klopoty i my | Pappa vet bäst | Unser lautes Heim
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