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This is the story of Miranda Grey who gets a medical internship at the Seattle Grace Hospital. It narrates the insightful events which happen to this group of interns – turned – surgeons namely Cristina Yang, Alex Karev, George O’Malley, and Isobel Stevens. They are supervised by Dr. Derek, Dr. Bailey, and Dr. Burke.

Season I

In this season, every intern’s life at the hospital is described – Meredith’s coping with the secret of her mother’s disease, her infatuation towards Derek (her supervisor) and George’s obsession with her, and Isobel’s criticism for being a model.

Season II

In this season, there is a love triangle situation between Derek, Addison (his ex-wife), and Meredith. Izzie and Alex come in a relationship while George copes with his rejection from Meredith. Dr. Bailey (supervisor) gets pregnant.

Season III

In this season, the team goes to rescue ferry boat accident victims. Meredith drowns during this incident and Derek wants out of their relationship because she gave in. George and Callie get married in Vegas and George ends up sleeping with Izzie.

Season IV

In this season, Meredith and friends begin their residency at the hospital while George continues with his internship. He divorces Cristina and breaks up with Izzie. Simultaneously, Meredith and Derek’s relationship falls. Bailey’s marriage also breaks apart.

Season V

In this season, Izzie is diagnosed with cancer and everyone finds out when she refuses treatments. Meredith and Derek plan to marry but ultimately decide to give Izzie the best wedding ceremony with Alex. While Meredith is treating a dying patient named John Doe who is actually George, Izzie is dying too.

Season VI

In this season, George dies and Seattle Grace merges with Mercy West introducing new members named Charles, Reed, April, and Jackson. Izzie is fired and Alex copes up with this. Meredith and Derek attempt to handle their marriage.

Season VII

In this season, Meredith and Derek face fertility troubles while the merger of the hospital shows various aftermaths. Bailey tries out casual dating things and Lexie tries to move on after rejecting Mark.

Season VIII

In this season, Meredith and Derek make attempts to rebuild their lost relationship. There forms a love triangle between Mark, Lexie, and Jackson. Teddy and Henry fall in love which ends with the latter’s death.

Season IX

In this season, the team loses Mark and Lexie in a plane crash which instigates the rest to sue the hospital. Meredith becomes pregnant. Jackson and April go through an unstable relationship. 5 new interns join for their training.

Season X

In this season, Meredith and Derek struggle between with professional life and parentage. Callie breaks up with Arizona and moves in with them for helping. April prepares to marry Matthew and ends up marrying Jackson. Meredith and Cristina resolve their issues.

Season XI

In this season, Meredith and Derek fight and separate. April and Jackson prepare for parenthood but their child dies. Catherine marries Richard. Callie and Arizona end things forever while Owen and Amelia begin some romance.

Season XII

In this season, Derek dies and Meredith moves out of Seattle. She comes back and joins as an anatomy instructor. Callie finds interest in Penny Blake while Arizona finds Andrew. April and Jackson divorce but agree for a peaceful parenting. Meredith and Amelia go through a fight.

Season XIII

In this season, the relationship between Alex and Bailey is focused. Amelia and Owen get married. Bailey and Meredith fight over their patients’ liver surgery. Alex jeopardizes a patient’s kidney in distraction and is demoted to a clinic.

Grey’s Anatomy, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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