Full House (1987)

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  Release Date: Sep 22, 1987

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It is the story of a father raising his children with the help of his friend and his brother in law and the twists and turns that happen in their life.

Season 1

This season deals with the life of Danny after the death of his wife. Danny brother-in-law Jesse and his best friend Joey move in with him to help raise his three daughters.

Season 2

The plot of this season deals with the promotion of Danny as he is promoted to a talk show host with another co-anchor Rebecca. Since his brother-in-law is attracted to Rebecca, to whom Danny is also attracted Danny becomes jealous.

Season 3

In this season Jesse and Rebecca start dating making Jesse leave his rebellious past behind. Joey works hard to prove himself as a comedian. All the daughters of Danny get to higher classes in their school.

Season 4

Season 4 deals with the story of Danny realizing that he should discipline his youngest daughter. Rebecca and Jesse get married and Joey’s career takes off when he is offered a gig in Las Vegas. The season ends by revealing the pregnancy of Rebecca.

Season 5

This season shows Jesse and Rebecca becoming parents of twins. Jesse becomes successful with a song and Joey gets his own show called The Legend of Ranger Joe.

Season 6

In this season Danny proposes to his girlfriend. Jesse and Joey are fired from their jobs and they together start a radio talk show. Rebecca deals with the stardom of Jesse. Danny elder daughter becomes a sophomore in high school and gets a first real boyfriend.

Season 7

In season 7 Danny and Vicky break up due to the latter getting a job in New York. Rebecca and Joey decide to discipline their kids. The radio show continues and all of Danny’s daughter get into higher classes in school.

Season 8

Danny dates a new woman, Claire. His first daughter plans to college. Jesse starts his own band after getting kicked out. Rebecca is promoted as a producer for a show.

Full House, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Also Known As:

Tres por tres | Três É Demais | Hænderne fulde | Padres forzosos | La fête à la maison | Puna kuća | Bír-lak | Gli amici di papà | Under samme tak | Tres por tres | Pelna chata | Que Família! | Puna kuća | Huset fullt | Tres por tres
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