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The story of Dexter series revolves around the protagonist, Dexter Morgan. Dexter is a forensic expert, or more specifically a blood spatter analyst at the Miami Metro Police Department. He leads a double life and is secretly a public servant in the sense of a villain thrasher. His public identity is an employee at the Homicide division who helps to solve murder cases while privately when he’s not at the forensic lab, he entertains himself by hunting and killing thugs, gangsters and other social nuisances that somehow filter themselves through the justice system. So basically he helps the cops solve homicidal crimes by the day and then commits the same kind of crimes by night. Dexter is like Robin Hood, he steals and is a criminal, but only from the rich and that too to help the poor. His selective set of victims only comprises of bad guys without whom the world would anyway be a better place.

Season 1

In the first season, Dexter Morgan is introduced. He is a forensic blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department. It is later revealed that the protagonist is also a serial killer who targets various other criminals, that is the bad guys of town, but mostly other murderers. He fancies himself as the gap between the failed system of justice and punishment for the criminals. This season narrates his story through flashback scenes which reveal how he came to be this way and why his morality index is much distorted from any average individual. Various characters from his work environment and other criminals, or rather other killers, are introduced in the storyline as the season proceeds, for example, Debra, the “Ice truck killer” who had Dexter on his toes for a long time before his identity is revealed. This revealing of identity brings a huge shock to Dexter at the season’s end.

Season 2

In the previous installment of the series, Dexter has killed his brother who was the Ice Truck killer. Though “The Ice Truck Killer” has no longer a threat, his significance, and his memory still haunt the blood spatter analyst. Debra Morgan, another main character is also disturbed by the Ice Truck Killer, even though it’s in a much different way. Dexter faces another issue as the boat from which he disposes of his victims has been discovered and the police department is on his trail. Later he finds someone, a co-worker who had been found dead, to be his alibi and to act as the murderer from the boat who wanted for all this time. The season finale showcases that Dexter has tracked down Lila who was in Paris and kills her off thus saving himself and his identity as a hiding serial killer and giving the viewers an option of the next season.

Season 3

In this season, Dexter ends up killing a relative of a public official by mistake when he was prepared to go for a target but was surprised by an external, unexpected presence. This puts the killer that is Dexter, in deep troubled waters. Also, in this season Rita finds out that she is pregnant with Dexter’s child. She tells him that she does not intend to abort the child. He is informed by her that she will keep the baby and intends to raise him with or without Dexter’s help. He ends up proposing Rita for marriage and she accepts it. He faces an issue that his identity has been finding out by a certain person who is now blackmailing him to kill other people that this blackmailer specifies.

Season 4

Dexter is now a domesticated man as he has married Rita in the previous season and lives with her two children and Harrison, that is, their new baby. He cannot help himself regarding the urge to kill even though it is for a greater good. But both his career at the Miami Metro Police and his life at home, with a family with kids, is affected by the pressure that comes with this double life that he leads. Rita is unsettled when she begins to feel that Dexter seems to be lying to her and this includes him keeping some of his old habits that don’t go too well with her. This really upsets her and their marriage seems to be going through some troubling times. Meanwhile, at the career front, Dexter faces problems with a certain Trinity killer. The end of the season has in store a major twist.

Season 5

This season mostly revolves around the Barrel girl murder. Dexter finds the sole survivor of the vent and she wants to help him hunt down the guilty party and kill them. He begins to feel attachments with this woman but as they reach towards their goal of punishing the guilty men, she tells him that she intends to walk away with no strings attached, which upsets him a little, but he realizes it is for the better. Once when the police arrive at his house, he is in shock and also a bit apologetic as he feels guilty for his relationship with the Trinity Killer which caused his wife’s death. Debra traces down Dexter and his new companion but realizes that they have only done the society a service by killing off the gang of murderers and hence lets them go scot free.

Season 6

The sixth season of the popular series follows Dexter’s and the Miami Metro’s crime investigations into the case of a string of unnatural ritualistic murders which involved extremely religious persons and bizarre symbolism.  The criminal involved, known among then as the Doomsday killer, seems to put a religious cover to all his activities. Dexter must track down this madman in the guise of a pious individual and stop him in his hideous deeds. Eventually, he does get to this point and finally approaches to kill him off. Just when he stabs the insane murderer, Debra walks into the scene and is astonished. She has seen him in the act and the situation is now beyond repair.

Season 7

The seventh season shows that Dexter admits to Debra about his secret identity as a serial killer as he is left with no other option. Another individual within the department secretly reopens the case of the Bay harbor Butcher which was solved quite some time ago with no stain marks on Dexter. Meanwhile, the season also follows Dexter’s issues that he faces with a Ukrainian mob boss and there is the introduction of a new character called Hannah Mckay, who is a strange and unannounced widow with a green thumb and a tainted past. At the finale of the season, Debra is forced to kill a certain innocent to protect the leaking of Dexter’s identity.

Season 8

The last season of this very famous and liked series is a tumultuous one, in both the action and emotional sense. Debra is seen to be shaken by her act in the last season and is filled with guilt. A new, complex case turns up at the department. An expert psychologist, Dr. Vogel, joins the team of investigators to pursue the psychotic killer, The Brain Surgeon. Dexter begins to grow attached to a certain woman and gets into a serious relationship with her. He goes through a number of emotional tangles and self-denial moments and gradually begins to realize that his urge to kill is fading away. He decides to go away from all this and part of his past to build a new future with this woman. Thus they decide to leave Miami and go elsewhere. The end of the season and the series has another twist in the form of the death of a major character.

Dexter, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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