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  Release Date: Sep 22, 2005

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A team of FBI experts works in the Behavioral Analysis Unit or BAU for stopping criminal activities of the mastermind criminals and serial killers. This subsection was headed by Jason Gideon who left the unit because of some difficult situations he had to face while compromising his personal life. Aaron Hotchner aka Hotch takes over the team after his retirement. This causes David Rossi, former retired member, to rejoin the team for contributing to society’s betterment. The team is supported by two specialists in their departments namely Penelope Garcia – an expert in computers and hacking and Dr. Spencer Reid – a juvenile doctor who is knowledgeable to the depth.

Season I

In this season, the BAU deals with a serial arsonist in Arizona, a serial bomber in Palm Beach, a serial killer in Mexico, and a serial rapist in San Diego. They also save US Attorney’s twin daughters who are abducted and investigate the double murder of high school students. In the end, they encounter Randall Garner, a budding killer.

Season II

In this season, Reid is tortured, abducted, and drugged by a serial killer for two consecutive days. One of the members resigns after shooting a serial killer. An ambassador’s daughter, Emily Prentiss joins the team.

Season III

In this season, Gideon leaves the BAU because he begins to doubt his capabilities. David Rossi rejoins the team for on old haunting case. Garcia is shot by a killer. Hotch attempts to maintain his family life. The team deals with a variety of killers including a cannibal.

Season IV

In this season, the team continues to manhunt a group of terrorists in the cliffhanger. One of the team members JJ goes on a maternity leave and she is replaced by Jordan Todd. Reid goes back to his childhood memories while working on a case and Hotch faces his arch enemy the Reaper.

Season V

In this season, the team helps Hotch save his family while the Reaper reappears. Hotch takes a break from his job. Rossi works on a case in his hometown. They encounter a killer who keeps his victims’ eyes as mementos.

Season VI

In this season, the Prince of Darkness Billy Fynn returns. JJ leaves the BAU due to her job at the Pentagon. Emily Prentiss fakes to die because she is informed about the escape of a criminal who wants her dead. Ashley Seaver is the new cadet to be trained by the team.

Season VII

In this season, the BAU agents’ personal lives are unveiled such JJ’s return and Rossi’s ex-wives. The team faces cases of a massacre in office, the victims of a tornado, the Zodiac killer, brutal murders at home invasions, and it ends with the case of murderous bank robbers.

Season VIII

In this season, Alex Blake joins the team in place of Prentiss. The team faces an unknown subject described as a strange criminal throughout the season. He replicates the time which the BAU has already solved.

Season IX

In this season, JJ’s personal life is attacked whereas Hotch struggles with the memories of his dead wife. Garcia’s past as a hacker with a name on the FBI’s list is also brought into attention due to a case.

Season X

In this season, the team deals with a delusional criminal who wants human limbs and a very attractive female subject who is prone to anger. Reid is hot and traumatized; Hotch and Morgan develop feelings for each other, the biggest mass-deaths seen by the BAU, and Rossi’s flashbacks.

Season XI

In this season, experienced doctor Tara Lewis joins the team. BAU deals with the organization Silk Road. Rossi continues to struggle in his personal life with his ex-wives making reappearances in his life. 13 terrorists succeed in breaking from the jail.

Season XII

In this season, the team tracks down the 13 escaped terrorists. Luke Alvez and Stephen Walker are 2 new members introduced to the team. Emily Prentiss comes back. Hotch is ruled out of the team succeeded as the leader by Prentiss.

Criminal Minds, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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Mentes Criminosas | Myslenky zlocince | Criminal Minds | Kurjuse kannul | Mentes criminales | Criminal Minds - FBI-tutkijat | Esprits criminels | Διαβολικά μυαλά | Zločinački umovi | Gyilkos elmék | Kriminális elmék | Nusikalstami protai | Zabójcze umysly | Mentes Criminosas | Minti criminale | Zločinački umovi | Мыслить как преступник | Zlocinski um | Myslienky vraha | Dau Tri Toi Pham
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