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The show is a crime drama which is based on the various FBI cases special agent Seeley Booth is solving. Dr. Temperance Brennan, popularly known as Bones, is a forensic anthropologist who helps to solve the mystery of the human remains encountered during these FBI cases.

Season 1

This season has 22 episodes and starts with Bones returning to Washington D.C and starting to work with FBI agent to solve a case. They soon form a professional bond as in each episode they together solve a case. In the last episode, Booth opens an investigation into Bones parent’s death when they discover the remains of her mother. In the process of the investigation, Bones is reunited with her brother and learns that her mother had died after abandoning them. The episode and season end as Bones receives a message from her father.

Season 2

This season has 21 episodes which showcase various interesting cases that the team solves together. Max, is Bones father who undergoes arrest. This season also reveals Rebecca who is Booth’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his son Parker.

Season 3

This season shows the journey of Bones as she fights to free her father who is a suspect in the death of an FBI deputy. The season ends on a sensational note as Booth gets shot and his funeral is conducted but later it is revealed that it was a string operation.

Season 4

Along with the various interesting cases that are shown, this episode shows the development of a romantic tension between Bones and Booth.

Season 5

The main highlight of the season is that Booth confesses that he has feelings for Bones. Also, Angela and Hodgins decide to go on a trip after they get married.

Season 6

In this season Booth and Bones go undercover to solve a case with the help of Max. Angela gives birth to a son and the season ends as Bones reveals that she is pregnant.

Season 7

The season starts as Bones is in her third trimester. Bones and Booth both get ready to have a baby and eventually in the season they have a daughter.

Season 8

The season starts with Bones who has been in hiding for 3 months as she was being framed for a murder. Eventually, with Booth’s help, she is cleared of the murder and they struggle to live together after3 months of separation.

Season 9

This season showcases the best exciting cases and ends as Booth is sent to jail for the murder of 3 FBI agents.

Season 10

The season follows Bones who tries to get Booth out of prison. After much investigating and even blackmailing she eventually manages to rescue him.

Season 11

The season revolves around the pair as they try to catch a serial killer called the Puppeteer. The season ends as Bones begins to have nightmares regarding Zack, who had been an intern in season 4.

The next season will air in 2017 when fans will learn Zack’s secret.

Bones, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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Bones | Sberatelé kostí | Bones - Die Knochenjägerin | Kondid | Bones | Bones | Bones | Kosti | Dr. Csont | Kaulai | Bones | Kosci | Ossos | Bouns | Кости | Kosti | Kosti | Bones
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