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Arrow is a crime – based TV series inspired by the DC comics character Green Arrow. It involves the characters named Oliver Queen who is a billionaire and Casanova character playing the protagonist, Moira Queen (mother), Thea Queen (sister), and Tommy Merlyn (friend). Oliver spent 5 years on a deserted island.

Season I

In this season, Oliver plays the role of a vigilante and kills some high – level criminals whose names he had found in his father’s notebook. He reconnects with his ex-girlfriend, Laurel Lance, and experiences flashbacks to his time at the island.

Season II

In this season, Oliver declares to stop crime in non-violent ways. But this is hampered by the arrival of Slade Wilson who was his associate in the lonely island and has returned to kill all of Oliver’s acquaintances. He is allied by Roy Harper (vigilante), Quentin Lance (Laurel’s father), and a mysterious woman. He continues to get flashbacks of the island memories.

Season III

In this season, Oliver is projected as the hero of the Starling City after defeating Slade Wilson. He tackles with an old enemy and enters into a clash with Ra’s al Ghul. He struggles to keep up with his family and continues with the memories of the past times.

Season IV

In this season, Oliver transforms into the Green Arrow and attempts to restore his relationship with Felicity and the disclosure about his 9 – years old son along with his election as the mayor. He, along with his allies, continues to fight against a terrorist organization name H.I.V.E.

Season V

In this season, Oliver loses his allies and trains new ones for continuing his war. He faces another mysterious and dangerous villain in the form of Prometheus.

Arrow, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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Arqueiro | Vibukütt | Arrow | Strijela | A zöld íjász | Strele | Bulta | Стрела | Arcasul | Strela | Стрела | Puscica
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