American Horror Story (2011)

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This is a horror drama series which features different themes and stories in different seasons related to the human psychology.

Season I

In this season, the house of the Harmons is haunted. This family of three is dealing from their past torment. Ben Harmon is a psychiatrist and lives with his wife Vivien Harmon and a teenage daughter Violet. They deal with the haunted elements in their house.

Season II

In this season, a sanitarium in New England is controlled by people of faith and science. These innocent men run for their lives from dangers of the past. It includes Dr. Oliver Thredson, a therapist, Timothy Howard, Kit Walker, Dr. Arthur Arden, a man of science, and Sister Mary Eunice, the evil spirit.

Season III

In this season, the Miss Robichaux’s Academy is in consideration. Zoe Benson is the protagonist who was sent to the Academy due to her dark magic and powers to induce brain hemorrhaging in anyone.

Season IV

In this season, the action is based in a quiet hamlet in Florida named Jupiter. An evil entity is threatening the inhabitants with dark magic. They struggle to survive with the group of human intelligence.

Season V

In this season, a 6-story mysterious hotel in Los Angeles named Hotel Cortez is the place of action. The hotel’s owner, Elizabeth, makes attempts to save herself from her past lover who is extracting his revenge on her children.

Season VI

In this season, the story is about an 18th – century couple who moves to a perfect home. This home is situated near to the Lost Colony. The couple faces dreadful events and senses the dark magic in this location.

American Horror Story, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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História de Horror Americana | American Horror Story | Ameerika õudukas | Američka horor priča | Amerikai Horror Story | Amerikietiska siaubo istorija | Američka horor priča | Американская история ужасов | Ameriska grozljivka | Truyen Kinh Di My
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