Murder 3 (2013)

  Release Date: Feb 14, 2013
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  Runtime: USA:124 min
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The movie starts with Vikram, a well-known photographer watching a video of his girlfriend Roshini. In the video, Roshini tells him that she is leaving. Watching that video, Vikram gets depressed. Later he meets Nisha while drinking in a bar trying to run away from his depression. Later Rohini goes missing and Vikram is suspected of her missing. Roshini is later found hiding in a secret room in the apartment. The room is a concealed room built by the house owner during the war. Nisha finally finds the key to the secret room. She understands that Roshini is trapped in the room. But she doesn’t want to help Roshini as she might lose Vikram. Nisha communicates with Roshini by tapping on water pipes. Finally, Nisha wants to know more about Roshini and tries to open the secret room. Roshini knocks Nisha at that moment and locks her inside the secret room.

Also Known As:

Искушение замужней женщины 3
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